It’s today!

Or, yesterday. When the alarm clock on my cell phone went off yesterday morning, my phone screen reminded me that, “It’s today!”

“It” referred to a cross-country roadtrip of a lifetime, embarked upon by two fresh Tulane grads (myself and my traveling companion, Katelyn). Katelyn and I will be traversing the western continental United States for the next month. We will be hitting landmarks big and small, sleeping on the couches of loved ones where possible, and navigating the haze of postgraduate existential crises alongside the North American wilderness. 

I’m setting up a blog to give this journey some tangible documentation, so that the (mis)adventures my traveling companion and I are bound to have are not mere fleeting happenstances experienced only by us, but that the world may share in our odyssey. I hope that the words I write here in the midst of maps, miles, and monuments may serve their readers- and me- a healthy portion of discovery and delight.


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